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Discover Caves, Coves and Coral 

Full Day - Geo Safari

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Discover sea caves, coves and ancient coral coasts, raised beaches, and natural arches; immerse yourself in the English Riviera and meet its marine residents and visiting Cetaceans.

On a full day tour we will be able to explore many coves and the headland of Hopes Nose or Berry Head, round to St Mary's Bay where they are regular Cetacean and Seal sightings.

For the more physical paddlers we can go further afield and for those who would prefer a gentler day out we can always deliver a Pirate Adventure to one of the sheltered smuggler coves, check out our prawn pots for any interesting Crustaceans and hunt for fossils and buried treasure on the beaches. We can attempt to catch some fish and cook it fresh on hot stones or toast marshmallows on the beach.

For any beginners our outriggers and stabilizers can really help to ease those concerned into the sport and provide a fun platform to develop personal skills.

For those wanting to explore further afield we can also launch on the Estuaries of the Avon, Dart, Erme, Yealm and in Salcombe. These trips offer a different experience to the coastal tours from dramatic headlands to meandering rivers with trees that grow out of the riverbeds like mangroves, where the waters lap the lower branches at high tide and leave a navigable channel between them.

The area is steeped in history, flora and fauna. The full day tour gives you the comfort of a slower pace and more time to relax and unwind.