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Sunrise and Sunset Tours 1 - 4 people

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Are you an early riser, or wish to see fantastic sunrises from the water, watching the local marine wildlife waking up and starting their morning rituals. With a stronger probability of seeing Cetaceans before the rest of the bay has woken up.

Generally starting at 6.30 at your residence or 0700 at the launch point or earlier on request and returning for 0900. We will quickly escape out into the early morning rays of the sunrise shimmering against the blue waters. 

We are blessed with stunning sunrises most of the year, however they can also cloud clear over taking the gorgeous blue sky with it. The delights of Englands' most beautiful bay at dawn are spectacular and well worth getting up early for.

Sunrise tours run any day of the week and are for 1 to 6 people at the tour cost price of £200 and 7 - 12 people at £300.

Our Sunset tours click here are also spectacular and are a completely unique experience due to the movement of the sun around the bay and the tranquility of the water around dusk.

Sunset tours commence between 1730 or 1830 depending on sunset